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21" Expandable Telescopic Baton Foam Handle

21" Expandable Telescopic Baton Foam Handle

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These are the same type of batons that professional security guards and police officers use in the line of duty. It only takes one second to fully expand the baton. The handle is made from molded foam so it is easy to grip and hold on to. When not in use, the baton folds down to an easy to carry 9 inches. 

The 21 inch Expandable telescopic baton is an efficient weapon for self defense purposes, and a great deterrent against crime. It will give you a very powerful non lethal weapon with a powerful striking ability. 

The retractable baton starts off in a small size so it can be easily carried on your person at all times. All it takes is a quick flick of your wrist to extend the baton to its full twenty-one inches. When opened up completely, the baton is a very formidable weapon. 

The length of the baton gives you the power to use it at a distance and yet remain out of easy reach from attacker. It's solid steel construction will stop an attacker and allow you to either escape to find help or make an arrest.
    • Folds to Compact 8.5"
    • Comfortable Foam Handle
    • Nylon Holster
    • Solid Steel

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