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Heatwave Pepper Spray

Here at Self Defense Super Store, we offer a wide variety of pepper spray. As far as we can tell, we offer the widest variety, size and configuration on the net. With popular brands such as Mace®, ASP®, Heatwave and Police Magnum, we seem carry a unit for almost anyone in any situation. We also seem to have some of the best prices around, but we want to offer more than that. We want to offer you the information needed for you to make an informed decision on what defense spray if right for you. 

Our most popular self defense spray is HEATWAVE 1/2 oz it is popular for several reasons:
  • It is small enough to carry without much inconvenience.
  • Holds enough spray to thwart off any attacker.
  • Easily attaches to keychain.
  • Low Cost to Safety Ratio.

This spray is used by almost everyone, from College Students who want protection while walking to and from school and functions to Real Estate Agents who want protection during open house showings, to Soccer Moms and Working Women. It is the IDEAL Self Defense Spray Unit.

We carry a array of Pepper Spray sizes, ranging from 1/2 oz to 24 oz (check State Restrictions to see what you are legally allowed to have in your state)

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Most of our smaller 1/2 ounce pepper sprays and 3/4 oz pepper sprays use the standard "TwistLoc" top, this makes it very simple to engage the defense spray at your target. 

Our 2 oz and up defense sprays come in multiple combinations tops a few examples are TwistLoc, FlipTop and FireMaster Handle. With the TwistLoc there are 2 Patterns,

Straight Stream with dispenses the Defense Spray very narrow with a longer range, also less likely to have any blowback or wind disturbance. 

Fogger which is wide and great for multiple targets or if target is moving.

FlipTop which has 4 patterns for the Pepper Spray to be dispensed, the first 2 we just talked about, the second 2 are Ballistic and Shotgun, these are the in-betweens of the Stream and Fogger nozzle, so you can have the best of both worlds.

FireMaster is an actuator very similar to the before mentioned, but uses a much larger tube, that increased tube allows the Pepper Spray to be release at a much greater volume, meaning more product is released in the same amount of time. 

This would allow you to easily empty a full can on an assailant in just a few seconds, perfect for when you don't want them to forget they messed with the wrong person.

So, whether you are your first Pepper Spray or a replacement, you can shop with confidence that has what you are looking for.