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14 Piece Lock Pick Set with Instructional Manual

14 Piece Lock Pick Set with Instructional Manual

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Beginners Pick Set and Easy Pickings Book This 14 piece lock pick set is perfect and fun for beginners. It is capable of opening most pin-tumbler locks with just a little practice. It represents quality and value, and contains everything you need to compromise most pin tumbler locks. This is similar to the sets used by and by professional lock pickers from lock-con. The lock picks in this kit are made of quality steel, and include the famous "Batman Pick." With just some practice you too can amaze people on just how fast you can pick a lock, even turn your lock picking hobby into a Locksmith business. Fast and easy to learn lockpicking booklet is included.

Opens deadbolts, doorknob locks, most auto locks, and padlocks.

Includes nine picks, a broken key extractor, four tension tools, nine textured slide-on grips, and a top grain zippered leather case.

    • Textured Slip-on Grips
    • Leather Case
    • Beginners Guide
    • Broken Key Extractor

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